IPH Group is a specialist in technical solutions for the industrial and mining sectors. Our specialization, our commitment to quality and our experience have made us a leading company in these fields.

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We add value to current technological solutions

We provide comprehensive technology consulting services and develop customized projects in order to meet the challenges set out by your customers. We offer solutions with a high added value, completely customized and innovative to enhance your business efficiency. We use technology in order to transform it into value. The people who make up  INNTELIA  combine their knowledge and experience to help clients to propel their organizations.


We are experts in complex systems

INNTELIA provides its clients with telecommunication infrastructures regardless of their location. Our projects are led by an expert team committed to providing our clients with exceptional quality and excellent performance. We offer complex projects related to data telecommunications infrastructures (optical fiber, Ethernet, wireless, etc.), supplying the necessary services to support complex technology systems. Our team has extensive experience in installing communication networks in unfavourable conditions (e.g. Industrial and mining environments).

We have a broad experience in confined space installation

INNTELIA has extensive experience in voice radio communication services (VHF/UHF). We are committed to using the latest digital technology for voice transmission, getting support from proven in-use systems.  We deal with projects of any size, offering the “turn-key” service: Design, Licensing, Supply, Installing, Launching, Certification and Maintenance. We also offer radio contact network auditing services focused on improving the current systems. INNTELIA supplies the latest digital radio contact technology optimizing classic analogue radio contact systems.

Experts on Leaky Feeder

We have a wide experience in consulting and installing radio communication systems in industrial and confined areas (underground mines, tunnels, and open-pit mines), emphasizing the unfolding and introduction of the radio communication networks based on radiant cable.

Telecoms Equipment

We design, install and maintain radio communication systems within the mining and industrial sectors.

We offer advanced telephone systems

We have proven extensive experience in designing and starting-up telephone systems, not only in industrial areas but also in corporate networks. We have our own VoIP Telephone System, which can be customized according to your needs. Furthermore, we also have experience in designing and starting-up current commercial telephone systems if required. We also offer advanced VoIP telephone, intercom and P.A. systems, combined within the same infrastructure, making it a complete product able to cover all needs related to voice communication.

Versatile solutions

We offer solutions that can be completely adapted to your needs, having important experience in installing in extremely challenging areas, such as in mining projects or industrial plants.

We use the most cutting-edge technology

In INNTELIA install CCTV systems based on IP networks for surveillance and controlling processes. We study each case and design the best solution, from a video surveillance system to complex control applications based on video analytics (visible spectrum, thermal technology, infrared band…). We have experience in more complex environments (e.g. mining or industrial plants) and by applying cutting-edge technology we are able to cover any type of project. In INNTELIA we are committed to continuous training and we participate in the development and starting-up of new technologies related to smart CCTV.

We develop customized comprehensive solutions

We install the safest and most reliable access control systems, with options to control access to any kind of gate and also access through fingerprint reader, RFID proximity cards, etc. We also set up employee attendance time control systems in order to manage staff’s arrival and departure etc.

Integration and system development

If you can’t find a commercial solution to cover your needs, in INNTELIA we either develop the required systems to add to our current products or we develop new systems which can be adapted to any of your requirements. We develop comprehensive systems in which access control, CCTV, hacking, intercom, P.A system, telephone, processes automation… are combined together and controlled in the same control platform, thus obtaining increased performance and effectiveness in their use.

Synergist system

We transform your installation into a smart synergist system: systems are more effective when they work together than when they work separately.

We manage your computer and technology systems

We offer a computer and telecommunications management service adapted to your needs. Our highly qualified professional team is in charge of managing and administering your computer and telecommunication systems with regular updates, becoming your own Computer and Telecommunication Department. In this way, our clients can put their efforts into their work and productivity whilst we handle the IT operating processes which we manage using our organization's internal resources.

We develop customized and comprehensive solutions

We carry out any kind of technology service required by our clients. Among others, the installation of sensors in equipment to carry out preventive actions and/or create sound and light notifications and/or GSM connected to different sensors.


We also develop solutions with telemetry integrated equipment to improve the usability of information systems.