IPH Group is a specialist in technical solutions for the industrial and mining sectors. Our specialization, our commitment to quality and our experience have made us a leading company in these fields.


January 2010

The Beginning

INNTELIA Soluciones Tecnologicas was created from the Innovation and Technology Department at Inpro-Huelva (IPH) Company.

In this initial stage, innovation projects relating to Mining, Topography and the Environment were developed, amongst which can be highlighted:

  • SAMBA. Exploration system to examine low-level and difficult access aerial zones.
  • MAMBO. Bathymetry system (exploration in detail of depths and surfaces in aquatic environments)
March 2012


INNTELIA Soluciones Tecnologicas S.L. was established as a company. Since then, it has continuously invested in its team always focusing on constant improvement.



Currently, our aim is to be our clients’ technology partner, helping them to choose, introduce and maintain technological solutions which allow them to optimize their processes and lead them to business success.

The mission, vision and strategy is available to interested parties.



Innovation has been, is and always will be a key element of our competitiveness. Therefore, it is essential for INNTELIA’s long- term sustainability. The extent of our commitment to this strategic approach can be seen in the intensity, time and effort we dedicate to innovation and in the percentage of our sales revenue that we invest in innovation every year.

  • Accuracy
  • Honesty
  • Ingenuity
  • Completeness
  • Specialization

Technological solutions adapted
to the different needs of each company